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Payroll Services

Input Methods
Tax Services
Direct Deposit
Pay Cards
Paperless Payrolls
Reports on CD
Accountant Services
General Ledger
Worker’s Compensation Reporting
Hospitality and Tips Services
Job Costing
Certified Payrolls

HR Services and Features
Health Insurance
Section 125 “Cafe” Plans
Employee Policy Handbooks
401k (Plus Other Retirement Plans)
Workers Compensation
Payroll on the Internet
Payrolls Inc. Time and Attendance
Platinum HR
Employee Self Service & ESS Manager

We understand the burden payroll places on small businesses so our goal is to make life easier for you and your company. We have a comprehensive array of payroll products and management services to help you keep track of your business — and keep it on the right track. That is why companies that choose us are moving forward, to get back to business.

Service – Service is the key to our success. You and your business are important to us and we look forward to providing you with the absolute highest level of service, as we strive to take the worries and troubles of payroll off your hands so you can get back to business.

Accuracy – Providing our clients with perfect payrolls and managing their payroll tax liabilities is our business. We timely and accurately process hundreds of millions of tax dollars every year for businesses like yours.

Products – Our products are designed and packaged to help you manage your payroll simply, while keeping your costs to a minimum. Whether you want Internet processing, Total Tax Management, Direct Deposit, Benefit Time-off Accruals, integrated HR, or one of our many other products; we have something to fit businesses and budgets of all sizes.

So whether you’re looking for a better way to administer your payroll…manage restaurant payroll and tip reporting…distribute paychecks…pay your taxes…or report new hires!  We are the solution for you.

Input Methods
Our goal is to make payroll as easy for you as possible. You pick the input method best for you.

  • Payroll worksheet – you complete a pre-printed worksheet and fax or email to us.
  • Excel spreadsheet we email, you complete and email back to us.
  • Online – with Platinum Pay, you can input your payroll data directly into our system, print real-time reports we’ll process and print your paychecks or direct deposit vouchers.

Tax Services
Today’s complicated and ever-changing requirements for payroll tax filing creates a large burden for employers that has substantial risk. The IRS assesses more than $8 billion dollars in payroll related penalties each year. Let our Total Tax Filing services shield you from possible payroll tax penalties by providing accurate and timely filing, reporting, and depositing of your payroll taxes and related returns.

  • Electronic federal tax deposits (withholding, FICA/Social Security, Medicare)
  • State and Federal unemployment payroll tax deposits (SUI/SUTA, FUI/FUTA)
  • State Disability (SDI)
  • State Income tax filings
  • Local payroll tax deposits
  • Quarterly/Annual easy-to-read reports
  • Forms W-3, W-2, 1099
  • Magnetic Media filing
  • Response to state, local or federal tax inquiries

Direct Deposit
Convenient, reliable, secure, efficient and flexible. Used by 80% of all US companies, direct deposit is one of the least expensive and most popular employee benefits around. A cash management tool that allows for multiple account disbursement, direct deposit gives your employees access to their pay regardless of holidays and vacation schedules. No long bank lines, no “mad dashes” to deposit checks (possibly at your expense), no high check cashing fees, no lost or stolen checks. Pay data is available on easy-to-read payroll vouchers or your employees can receive via email or online.

  • Cut Costs
  • Remove lost or stolen checks incidents
  • Multiple account allocation
  • Eliminate time spent depositing paper checks
  • Easy-to-read vouchers with earnings statements
  • No more bank holiday or vacation disruptions

Pay Cards
A perfect solution to those employees who do not have bank accounts. The reliability and safety of a direct deposit are combined with the convenience of a purchase debit card.

Paperless Payrolls
Whether you are jumping into the digital age, eliminating desk clutter or just trying to save a tree, our Paperless Payroll solution will meet your needs.

Reporting to Management – Every payroll, you receive all your payroll reports via email in Adobe Acrobat format.

Taking care of Taxes – With our Complete Tax filing, we electronically transmit all your federal, state and local taxes automatically and take care of all your reporting requirements.

Paying Employees – Our convenient Direct Deposit will eliminate your need for paper checks. If you have employees without bank accounts, no problem; our Electronic Paycheck ATM debit card will allow everyone to take advantage of direct deposit.

Reportfolio – Reports on CD
Imagine receiving a CD each quarter that has a complete history of all your payrolls plus over 30 additional reports that provide easy-to-read, accurate details of your data.

Imagine it in Adobe Acrobat format that can be easily searched and printed.

Imagine it password protected so you are not worried about it falling into the wrong hands.

Then imagine being able to throw away all those bulky payroll report binders!

That is exactly what Reportfolio is, a complete history of all your data on one, easy to access CD.

Accountant Services
We know that accountants rely on us to help them take care of their clients. So we have an entire line of products to help you help your clients by managing all aspects of payroll and providing the necessary communication and collaboration.

Processing Options – Allow us to be your back office payroll department.

GL Services – We can customize the GL to match your exact needs, and provide you several formats of reports or exports to help maintain your clients’ general ledger.

Accountant Access – Whether or not your clients process their payroll online, you can access all your clients data via our online payroll system.

Paperless Report Delivery – If you want to receive copies of payroll

General Ledger
Whether you are integrating with your accounting system or providing data to your accountant, our GL Services is the solution for you

GL Detail Reporting – Our GL Detail Report will provide you the details of every payroll transaction and display the appropriate GL Account number, debits & credits, and per payroll & monthly totals. This is one of the most detailed reports we offer.

GL Summary Reporting – Our GL Summary Report will summarize transactions by GL Account. So the data is easily readable and you know exactly how each account was affected. This is the exact GL entry you could enter into your system, summarized into as few entries as possible.

GL Exporting
Standard ASCII Format
We can provide both the GL Detail and GL Summary data in standard ASCII formats for you to integrate with your accounting system.

Quick Books GL File
If you use QuickBooks, this is the tool for you. We can provide 3 different types of files for your QuickBooks Software:

Check Register: Import a list of all the checks to streamline reconciliation.
GL Entry: Import the GL Entry to only affect the GL Accounts, and not the Check Register.
Complete File: Import both the checks for reconciliation, as well as the customized GL Entry to affect all the appropriate accounts.

Workers Compensation Reporting
Each pay period we use your current payroll information to calculate your company’s workers’ compensation cost for each payroll. This provides you better budgeting because you get a current picture of workers’ compensation insurance costs throughout the policy rather than waiting for the annual audit adjustment.

Detailed and accurate records provide you with month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date totals for each division, department, classification code, and employee. This helps you verify that all information is correct and up to date in the payroll system, and provides extensive data for use during premium audits.

Hospitality and Tip Services
We understand the difficulties restaurant owners face in managing their employees and their business. There are a number of complex laws in effect governing restaurant employees’ wages and tips. It can be a daunting task to avoid making mistakes.

To help you over these hurdles and to help manage your business more effectively, we offer a sophisticated, comprehensive system that’s powerful enough to handle the payroll needs of any size establishment. Regardless of how many or how few employees you may have, we’ve got the expertise to help you process your restaurant payroll with accuracy, timeliness and flexibility both you and your employees need.

Solutions that are right for your business
Beyond standard wages, tip reporting and payroll tax filing, we can provide a variety of other valuable services and reports to help you manage the complexities of restaurant payroll:

Allocated Tip Reporting — We can help take the mystery out of meeting your TERFA requirements. Regardless of how you record sales and tips, we have the flexibility to allocate tips and provide you easy-to-read and understand Allocated Tips Reports.

Tip-to-Minimum Validation — Our system will make sure the wages you pay your staff and the tips they report keep your business in compliance with minimum wage requirements, giving you the information and the tools to keep both your employees and the government happy.

FICA Tip Credit Report — We will help you get the maximum benefit from this powerful business tax credit. In addition to maintaining your payroll records, we can track your matching portion of FICA paid on tips in excess of minimum wage on a per period, monthly, quarterly, yearly or fiscal year basis—whenever you need it! Tracking this information could lead to substantial business tax savings.

Job Costing
Get a better understanding of your labor costs.  Getting a perspective of your labor costs to make better decisions has never been easier. Our Job Costing provides you unparalleled flexibility, so you get the most from the labor details you report. Whether you are analyzing historical data for trends, comparing actual and budgeted labor costs or estimating future projects, our Job Costing will provide you with a “crystal ball” for your labor costs.

Certified Payrolls
If your business requires you to provide certified payroll reports to any agency, then our Certified Payroll Report is your solution. By providing us you payroll time reports with daily details we can create a certified payroll report for you, ready to turn in to most agencies.

Health Insurance

A combination of aging baby boomers, state and federal mandates and consolidation of health care providers has insurance premiums skyrocketing out of control and overwhelming American businesses.  Our consultants will thoroughly analyze existing benefits coverage, develop and manage formal RFP process, negotiate contracts with vendors and design and execute implementation strategies for all product lines.

  • Group Medical Plans
  • Group Dental Plans
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Disability Plans
  • Group Vision Plans
  • Group Voluntary Products

By providing a high level of technical expertise, our clients rely on our consultants to continuously advise them on the latest trends in the marketplace, keeping them ahead of the employee benefits curve.

Section 125 “Café” Plans
Section 125 is a selection of the Internal Revenue Code that allows employees to earmark pre-tax dollars toward payment of Insurance Premiums, Medical Care, and Dependent Care expenses. The dollars used for this purpose are not subject to Social Security, Federal, or most State taxes. In effect, section 125 permits the employee to increase their net income by using dollars before they are taxed.

For Employees
Sometimes referred to as a cafeteria plan, flex plan, or a Section 125 plan, a Flexible Savings Account (FSA) lets you set aside a certain amount of your paycheck into an account — before paying income taxes. During the year, you have access to this account for reimbursement of expenses — not covered by insurance — that you regularly pay for.

Benefit to the Employer
The salary dollars employees direct to a Section 125 Benefit Plan can reduce employer payroll tax costs, as those dollars are not subject to the employer Social Security contribution. In addition, lowering payroll can result in reduced Federal and/or State Unemployment Tax contributions and Workers’ Compensation premiums.

Employee Policy Handbooks

A comprehensive Employee Policy Handbook is one of the valuable, yet often overlooked, tools for a business.  A customized Employee Policy Handbook created specifically for you and your business will…

  • Help you set forth ground rules for employment
  • Help you avoid “wrongful termination”
  • Boost morale and decrease turnover
  • Answer common questions often asked by employees

These are just a few of the many benefits from a policy handbook that is prepared in a professional, comprehensive and easy to read format. We provide the most comprehensive, and professional handbooks available. Our detailed interview processes allow us to create the perfect handbook for your business. Your new Employee Policy Handbook is presented in:

  • Printed format for each employee
  • Microsoft Word format for you to edit and maintain
  • An interactive web-based version for you to display on your Intranet

401(k) (Plus Other Retirement Plans)
We can offer a wide array of retirement solutions geared to the needs of growing businesses like yours. That means we can find the right solution to meet your unique needs. Our services include plan design, implementation, and on going administration.

  • 401(k) Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans

Worker’s Compensation
Workers’ Compensation is designed to ensure that employees who are injured or disabled on the job are provided with fixed monetary awards, eliminating the need for litigation. Workers’ Compensation insurance protects employers from claims resulting from injuries to employees. It protects your business from lawsuits and provides employees with compensation for on-the-job injuries.

Payroll on the Internet
Imagine using the power and convenience of the Internet to manage your payroll.
Now you don’t have to imagine it, you can experience it. Platinum Pay gives you a powerful, yet easy to use tool for managing your payroll and human resources…all with the convenience of the Internet. With a few clicks of a mouse, your payroll can be managed from any browser, anywhere. Platinum Pay provides you benefits and features you need to help manage your business.

Flexibility: While remaining easy to use, Platinum Pay has the features you need.
Integration: The integrated HR keeps all your data in one place… right at your fingertips.
Accessibility: Your payroll data can be accessed from any computer, including Windows, MACs and Linux

Payrolls Inc. Time and Attendance
Payroll$, Inc. Time features an electronic time clock that connects to your telephone line. Your employees clock in and out on the clock by swiping their personal time card. Each night, the clock transmits the day’s activity to our data center. Once the information has been received at the data center, it is immediately available for viewing, editing and printing over the internet through your web browser software.

Payroll$, Inc. Time is an ideal solution for organizations which have multiple locations. It allows you to connect multiple clocks to the same network. Once the clocks transmit their data, all of the time and attendance records are available from one database. Employees can even clock in at one clock location and clock out at another location. From the Payroll$, Inc. Time database you can verify and edit employee punches and see updated totals at any time. You can run reports and download them in several formats, including Microsoft Excel and Word.


  • Accessible from anywhere in the world via an internet connection
  • Most recent version of software patches and bug fixes automatically available
  • Familiar web-based interface promotes ease of use
  • No software installation
  • Low up-front costs
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • Low monthly fee
  • Minimal training and implementation
  • Information is maintained in a confidential and secure data center
  • 24×7 availability to information


  • Clocks require no setup- just connection to phone line
  • Clock time is set automatically, including change for daylight savings time
  • Daily email of punch records provides you with a copy of your current payroll data at all times
  • No long distance or internet connection required at clock location
  • Automatic overtime calculation and lunch deductions
  • Multiple department tracking or job costing capability
  • Tip reporting capability
  • Exceptions can be corrected both online through browser or through clock keypad

Platinum HR

  • Employee Birthdays
  • Employee Anniversaries
  • Reminders & Notices
  • Training & Certification Expirations
  • Upcoming Reviews
  • Report Writer
  • Time Off Accruals
  • Import Reminders
  • Family Members
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Past Employment
  • Education
  • Training & Skills
  • Reviews
  • Attendance
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relationship Management
  • Document Management
  • Asset Management
  • Date Driven Events
  • Audit Tracking
  • OSHA Management
  • Paycheck City Calculator
  • Benefits (When Available)

Employee Self Service & ESS Manager

  • Paystubs & W2’s
  • Report Delivery
  • Family Members
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Scheduled Earnings & Deductions
  • Filing Status
  • Direct Deposit
  • Accruals
  • Benefit Statement (When Available)
  • Document Library (Handbooks, etc.)
  • Asset Lists
  • ERM tickets
  • Paycheck City Calculators
  • Employee Reviews
  • Track Attendance
  • Maintain Assets
  • Approve Time off Requests