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About Us

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Top Reasons Why Companies Choose to do Business with Payroll$, Inc.

With Payroll$, Inc. your payroll information is safe and confidential from unauthorized personnel.

$ It is our job to keep up with all the latest payroll and tax-related laws, to ensure your payroll is 100% accurate every time.

$ If you incur penalties due to Payroll$, Inc. paying your taxes late or incorrectly we will pay the penalties and interest for you.

$ Because payroll is all we do, we can easily and affordably offer you advanced services like direct deposit, tax filing, EFTPS, and others that would otherwise be to costly to do yourself.

$ With Payroll$, Inc. you never have to worry about the cost of training, software updates, paper, toner and personnel.  Payroll$, Inc. is a complete turn-key payroll solution.  We assume all responsibility of accurately processing your payroll.

$ By choosing to outsource your payroll with Payroll$, Inc. you can get back to doing what you do best . . . running your business.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call toll free 877-300-9097.

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The average company that does not outsource their payroll spends more than 60 hours per year on payroll processing.

Payroll is the oldest and most common form of data processing to be outsourced.

Did you know that the IRS assesses over 8 billion dollars per year in penalties and interest?